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   Getting to the Other Side is a fictional dark comedy about a girl and a chicken. The story follows Drew, an eccentric young food journalist who has lost faith in her industry. In an attempt to shock and educate her readers, she sets out to explore the responsibilities and consequences all omnivores face when consuming meat. To do this, Drew brings a live chicken to her Toronto apartment and must decide whether or not to kill it. In doing so she tries to regain an understanding of her pace in the food chain. Getting to the Other Side explores the shift in consumer food culture, human’s place within the food chain and the struggle between control and transparency. Written and Directed by Laura Del Maschio.

Getting To the Other Side Trailer

The 49th Annual Tara Awards

The Tara Awards are one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in the Ryerson community. This long running tradition at the RTA School of Media is an annual event of professional caliber, attended by over 400 students, faculty members, and industry professionals. It is a night to celebrate student achievement by showcasing the works of all four years, and awarding a range of creative projects from all three programs within the RTA School of Media. 
Being a host of The Tara Awards meant we were to create and write the conent of the show. This included the live performance sketches, video segments inbetween the awards and the scripts for the presenters.

Segment One:
Welcome Hots

Segment Two:
​Fire Side Chats

Segment Three:
​Pros vs Joes

Segment Four:
Morning After

And After That?! is a four part comedic web series about a determined girl named Til. After a near death experience and an intervention from her spirit guide, Til realizes she has no worldly beliefs. This starts her quest where she tests out different faiths to see which one is the best fit for her. From Roman Caltholic to Wica, she leaves no faith unturned to find where she belongs in a world of uncertainty. 

And After That?! 
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Episode One: The Awakening

Episode Three: Wicka-Wicka-What

Episode Two: Husky Pants

Episode Four: 
The Enlightenment 

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ISO: The Buz Podcast

ISO: Is a podcast brought to you by the Bunz Trading Zone Community. The city network where you can trade what you have for what you want, find a place to live or a job, and find your community. The stories that come out of this unique community range from the uplifting to the shocking. As a host for the "This Week In Bunz" segment of the podcast, I find these stories, trades and the happenings on the page and ap and discuss them with my co host.

Click to listen to the ISO: Th Bunz Podcast

The Kids' Table Improv Troupe 

An improv group formed out of friendship in the spring of 2016, The Kids' Table is a high-energy fun-fest. The Kids' Table has been featured in improv shows all around the city, most notablely at Social Capital's 12$ Two Free Beer Night. 

The Kids' Table Facebook Page

Ryerson's Official Sketch Comedy Troup 

  1. Taking a bow at the 2016 Second City Performance
    Taking a bow at the 2016 Second City Performance
  2. Cast of RIOT! 2015
    Cast of RIOT! 2015
  3. Cast of RIOT! 2016
    Cast of RIOT! 2016
  4. Dress Rehearsal RIOT 2015
    Dress Rehearsal RIOT 2015
  5. Cast of RIOT! 2014
    Cast of RIOT! 2014
    RIOT! is Ryerson's Official Sketch Comedy Troupe. I have been apart of this troupe for the past three years and it has offered me such incredible opportunities to expand my comedic reach as well as working with an amazing ensemble of people who I continue to work with today. Being apart of RIOT! meant weekly meetings where cast members brought in original scripts and ideas. We worked on writing sketches all year long, then selected our favourites for the final show at Second City on the Main Stage in Toronto. We also produced video sketches and held stand up shows at local comedy bars.    

Here is some of RIOT!'s Video Content 

Here is some of RIOT!'s Video Content 

For more stuff on RIOT! check out their social media outlets 


Stand Up is a form of comedic expression that I truly love. Every since I was little, any opportunity I had to make someone laugh quickly became a slippery slope to a full blown Laura extravaganza. I feel very comfortable in an environment where the attention is on me and my stories. RIOT! has allowed me to explore this medium that I have come to love and continue to do outside the troupe.

Wanna Watch? 

Wanna Watch? 

Wanna Watch? 

Wanna Watch? 

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Killed To Death: Comedic Podcast 

Killed To Death is a Comedic Podcast, hosted by two RiOT Allumni. I have been featured on their show in two different episodes, palying different characters each time. Killed to Death is an improvised one hour podcast that introduces a crime that is solved by the end of each episode, with the help of a character witness. 

Hashtage Discover : Teens React

As describes on their Facebook Page, Hashtage Discover: works to entertain and inspire a digital generation of 12-17 year olds! They produce daily content about digital media, like interviews with YouTubers, celebrities and social media pros, as well as trending social media news and other entertaining videos, articles and quizzes. Their goal is to help youth discover ways to use digital media to enhance their online brand, and be inspired to uncover their creative potential, with a few laughs along the way. My role was to come in once every few weeks to give my (ideally comedic) opinon on events happening in the digital/social media world. It was a fun way to stay on top of current stories as well as be apart of a 'reaction' video series, a genre that I love watching.  

    Marketing Content 

    Paul Lewis runs a massage clinic in Toronto and as a small business owner was looking to strengthen his brand as well as create more of an online presence. I worked with him to create a foundation for his brand, using YouTube as his main platform. I created a simple intro/outro to bookend each video, along with editing his previous content into short, easy to share videos on his YouTube page. It was crucial that these videos and their presentation fit with his brand image. Appealing to his clients and massage experts and therapy students, several different playlists within the page were desinged to ensure every visitor’s content needs were met.